Searchable Program

The online program, which you can access below, is your all-in-one conference planning tool. It has all the information about the conference – presenters, rooms, titles, abstracts,  category, etc. and putting this on line allows you to search in a variety of ways:

  • Want to see just the sessions in A? Either select that from the drop down screen or simply click on the letter A in the session column.
  • Want to see all the assessment session? Choose that topic from the drop down topic menu, or click on the word “assessment” in the drop down screen.
  • Download spreadsheet of all titles, abstracts, and presenters.

Search by session time, category, or type:

In addition to allowing you to plan your schedule prior to arrival, you should be able to access this spreadsheet during the conference on your electronic device of choice, such as a laptop or tablet. (Although it’s a little tricky on the iPhone screen).