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Session F

(Th 2:40-3:50)

Coronado Q

Macro and Micro Management: Finding the ‘I’ in the A-hole

Chair: Nicholas Kirse, Northwest Missouri State University

Melissa Elston and Robin Gallaher, Northwest Missouri State University

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Session R

Coronado S

to Session P Acapulco

Beyond Kaplan’s Doodles: The Relationship Between Contrastive Rhetoric and Cultural Identity


Chair: Coral Flanagan, Penn State University

– Jake Pelini, Penn State University

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Session F

(Th 2:40-3:50)

Coronado K

Tutors Imagine a New Space at Coe College: The Big Move and Dr. Bob’s Democratic Writing Center

-Christopher Ervin, Western Kentucky University

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Student Athletes and Writing Centers

– Alanna Bitzel, University of Texas at Austin